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DigiGone® Remote Viewing Station for Telemedicine

The Remote Viewing Station (RVS) for Telemedicine combines DigiGone’s encrypted communication software with key pieces of medical diagnostic equipment to provide you with a direct link to your Medical Access Provider’s telemedicine service. The kit also contains additional cameras and features that allow it to be used for other shipboard applications such as troubleshooting equipment failures and real-time anti-piracy security, in addition to telemedicine, ensuring that crew members are always familiar with the equipment when medical emergencies arise.

The Remote Viewing Station (RVS) for Telemedicine includes:

  • Dual Core Netbook
  • Hands-free Speakerphone
  • Bluetooth Headset/Mic
  • Wi-Fi Booster
  • Handheld Webcam
  • Handheld Microcam with Macro Focus and 80x Zoom
  • Includes attachments to make Macro Camera a:
    • Dermatoscope (skin examination)
    • Intraoralscope (dental and oral examinations)
    • Fundoscope (eye examinations)
    • Auralscope (ear examinations)
  • 14 ft Cat5E cable
  • Four (4) hour LiPo4 battery
  • Electrocardiogram monitor:
    • Small Portable and Easy to operate
    • High-Resolution Color TFT Screen
    • Includes 2GB MicroSD Data Card to store up to 2,000 readings
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Can be used completely cable and electrode free
    • Fast, accurate ECG measurement in just 30 seconds
    • Stores 100 or more ECG records on the device with the included data card, each with a 30 sec ECG waveform and analysis result
    • Display of ECG waveform, heart rate, analysis results, and battery status on the backlit display
    • Measurement results PDF transmission to PC with DigiGone software interface
    • Selectable Auto Power-Off time setting
    • 13 Kinds of analyses for arrhythmia
    • Auto evaluation based on detected heart data
    • Dual measuring modes
    • 2 batteries can take at least 500 measurements
  • Direct view of results on High-Resolution color TFT Screen with backlight
  • Blood pressure cuff (wrist):
    • Heart guide technology
    • Bp level indicator
    • Slim, portable design
    • Detect irregular heartbeat
  • Blood glucose meter
  • Thermometer
  • Pulse/Oximeter
  • DigiGone integrated ECG wizard software and medical record storage
  • DigiGone SecureChat client license for communication with your Medical Access Provider
  • DigiGone video tutorials for all medical devices
  • Rugged carrying case

  • All diagnostic equipment tested and recommended by GWU-MMA physicians

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